Our Services

Programming Phase

In the programming phase our goal is to gather as much relevant information as possible.



Programming is the process of gathering, organizing and assessing a clients technology resource utilization information.

We believe face-to-face meetings are the most efficient means of gathering and sharing information. It is necessary to include input from all levels of the organization. We utilize round table discussions, user interviews and department level meetings to identify as many functional issues and challenges as possible in order to provide a comprehensive understanding of how technology impacts your organization.

The Technology Programming Report is produced at the conclusion of this phase. This document summarizes our understanding of the project requirements and essentially provides the road map for the remainder of the project. Projected budget, design alternatives and organizational considerations are detailed for client review.

Design Phase

In the design phase we translate the documented requirements obtained from the Programming phase into written, technical specifications and construction drawings that are suitable for use in a competitive procurement.



In the design phase we translate the documented requirements obtained from the Programming Phase into technical specifications and construction drawings for use in a competitive procurement model.

Using electronic models and drawings provided by the project Architect, we develop our own set of Information Technology based CONSTRUCTION DRAWINGS, or “T-Drawings.”

Our “T-Drawings” provide all necessary information for the various systems installation contractors to successfully complete their projects.

In this phase we also verify, and coordinate with the MEP, the space, power, and HVAC requirements for all applicable IT systems. This ensures the necessary support infrastructure is in place for current and future systems evolutions.

In addition to our “T-Drawings”, we provide comprehensive TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS which adhere to the CSI’s Master Format, (ie. Division 27). Unless directed otherwise, our specifications focus on the technical requirements versus specifying a particular product. This avoids bias or prejudice towards any specific vendor(s) or manufacturer(s).

Procurement Phase

The procurement phase, as the name implies, is the phase in which the systems are competitively procured using the specifications and construction drawings.



In the Procurement Phase, we utilize the specifications and drawings from the Design Phase, to competitively source installation services through the standard RFP model.

Services we provide:

  • Identify and pre-qualify potential proposers(if applicable).
  • Issue the RFP (or bid) documents to proposers.
  • Conduct a pre-proposal conference to answer questions and issue clarifications.
  • Act as technical point of contact for questions/clarifications during the proposal period.
  • Review proposals and develop a differentiation matrix that highlights the key differences between the proposals received.
  • Develop a written recommendation and justification narrative to accompany the differentiation matrix.
  • Review with the project team our findings and professional recommendation regarding contract award.
  • Kick-off Meeting

Management Phase

There is no better substitute for hands-on project management to ensure the systems are implemented as specified, on time, and on budget.



There is no substitute for hands on project management. We regularly conduct site meetings with all parties involved, perform inspections and initiate corrective actions and follow up activities, in order to ensure that your project finishes on time and on budget.

Our services include:

  • Kick-off Meeting
  • Coordination Meetings
  • Review Installation Objectives
  • Coordinate Schedules
  • Track Installation Progress
  • Prepare & Issue Meeting Minutes
  • Prepare & Issue Change Orders
  • Conduct Inspections of Work in Progress
  • Prepare Punch Lists
  • Conduct Detailed Testing to Ensure Compliance
  • Review & Approve Record Drawings & Test Results
  • Perform Final Walk-Through
  • Recommend Acceptance